Autoplay Winning Slot Strategy

Slot Machine Play Is Not Random

I’ve played online slot games for more than 10 years. Within that time time I’ve discovered a few game play strategies that wil increase your wins. One important discovery is that “Slot machine play is not really random”.

You can win consistently with this strategy. Just set the slot machines ‘auto play feature’.

With a 25 cent bet I setup $5 as the maximum amount of win per game session as well as the maximum allowable loss amount per game session. Then I set the auto play to play 25 games. I also set it to stop on any feature win. When games have this feature, this is where is where the big amounts are won. But on non-feature slots games this strategy also works.

The pattern here is that if you are going to win on the slot in this session, that you will win within the first few minutes of play. That’s where the 25 game limit comes in. You load up the game and set the win/loss factors according to your betting level. Then you let the game run. When you hit those limits you stop! win or lose, you go onto the next slot games and play that one with the same factors.

You eventually end up cycling through all the games and get an even better idea as to how each slot wins and losses occur. That’s when you can modify this ‘Winning Autoplay Slot Strategy‘ with your own tweeks and enhancements.

Over time, you will see that you normally win more than you lose. You can also play for at least one hour at each casino before the game software cathes up with your game strategy and adjusts itself to your play. Then it is time to move onto another casino games site.

Suggested casino sites for this strategy include the Slots of Vegas, Wild Vegas, Palace of Chance, Cirrus Casino, Club Player and the Cool Cat Casino. Since they all have no deposit bonus offers you can test this yourself for free with real money.


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